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Commentary: A Letter to Mitt

[ 0 ] August 30, 2012 | SunPost

By Howard Kaufman

Congratulations on the nomination.
I want to start off by saying I didn’t do much scholarly research or any deep stuff about you for this letter. But I do read the Economist and I watch CSPAN and some news channels, even a little Fox news. Fox I watch just to see how much a person’s integrity is worth nowadays. And I do read a few papers and watch Youtube and other stuff on my computer. So, I see and hear things, you know, like that time a reporter responded to an answer of yours, by saying the answer was not backed up by the facts, And then you ‘acknowledged you knew that’ and said, “Sauce for the goose.”

When I saw a replay of the interview, it got me thinking, wait a minute, you are running for president and you are a man of Faith. Surely you have been taught that if someone does something illegal or immoral, including cheating and lying, that that is not a license or excuse for you to do the same thing? Did the adults who loved you as a child mess up? Did they just assume you had those cherished values. Don’t you know your wife and children can see and hear what you say when you’re on the tube?? Look at this. 

No kidding? Anything?

Here you are in 2007 holding an “Ask Mitt Anything” session in Ames, Iowa.. I missed it. Should I suppose people were allowed to ask questions on paying taxes, or about secret off-shore bank accounts. Or about bankrupt companies. Was all that stuff considered off limits then? Like now?

And what about that dog thing. Did your dog poop on your car in vain, you know, on that 12 hour trip you took with your family? The family dog rides on the top of your car? By the way that is some smart dog. It must have been a shock for him to have realized you didn’t consider him a part of the Romney clan. Surely you knew he wanted to ride inside with the rest of the family. I think his good loose poop is just what you deserved. And I bet a whole lot of the people whose lives you disrupted by your method of making money, would have loved to do something similar to you. I also heard you on utube advising kids to get more money from their parents. You know, for college tuition. You know, so they wouldn’t cost the country money for guaranteeing the interest on student loans. When you were firing people, how did you think they could loan money to their kids, you know, in case they wanted to go to college or got sick. I’m talking about these same job-losing parents who got caught in the debris, 1700 of them at Dade International, when you were setting earnings records for Bain, on Wall St. At the very least Mitt, I don’t think you should continue to take credit for the success of Dade International. That is a bit much.

Ok, now I’ll grant that borrowing $30 million and getting control of the company is not easy stuff to do. And then taking control of the company and running it yourself is good. Shows the kind of brains we have on Wall Street. And then, you know, making over $300 mil in just a few years. But not for the company,, for YOU.  Your professors would be proud. Of course firing a few people and looting the assets of the company for profits to Bain, even though it meant bankruptcy to a company well positioned in a viable industry, well . . . you know, I heard you say how you liked firing people. And having fun is part of the game. But firing people is fun? . . ., I mean I saw the picture Wall Street. I bet you could have played the lead better than Michael Douglas by just being Mitt Romney. And of course, how could Bain make more than 300 mil if you didn’t deplete the assets a little? No doubt about it. But, distasteful?  So what to you.   Hold on a minute.

What? The creditor’s were upset in bankruptcy court. They were mad? They were losing they’re money while you were the envy of the Wall Street Vultures Club? And then they said they were going to sue you? And bring charges of fraud and personal enrichment? WOOO. Good move giving back all of your remaining interest in Dade International and over $50 mil. besides. I guess settling was a good idea. For sure it would not look good, I mean reading in the Wall Street Journal, “Romney and Bain charged with fraud, and personal enrichment and stuff” . . . . .Woo Oooo. . . . . Hold on again. Then the creditors did what. They removed and replaced all members of the board of directors, and put a little more assets into the company . . ., What was the head guys name?  Maybe he should go into politics. What followed surely made you look incompetent. Lets see what happened. Remember you had the same chance. When you were right there. You knew Dade International better than anyone. You knew it was one of the largest companies in their field. What was it they do? Medical technologies stuff?. What? Then they got the company going again and sold it to the giant company, Seimans, for $7 Billion?  HOW much?  7 Billion. How many employees did they hire? Over 6000?. Oh . . .Mitt. . I mean if you had had foresight and the ability to do that or even enough actual business talent or, if you had not given up your interest, you could have made more than $2 Bil.  Did the Bain board of Directors reprimand you? Did you lose some of that high regard you had from the vultures? And Mitt, I’m with you here. Putting this on the off limits question list was absolutely right. I mean, its downright embarrassing. Nope, it ain’t gonna look too good on your political resume. You are right to try to hide it, you know, like the money in the foreign accounts.

And I heard on utube, you actually took credit for the Dade international success? Saying if you hadn’t brought the company to the sheriff’s door, the new company leaders would never have gotten a chance to run Dade International. Oh geeze. Well, I didn’t hear anyone say you didn’t have balls. I’m sorry Mitt, outside of putting the dog on top of the car this is you at your worst. You’re gonna need an bucket full of horse poop getting out of this one. Even with people who don’t know what really happened and, you know, Republicans who do. Still, I do think it was a good way to handle it, you know, by telling Obama to quit making accusations against your business record. You should keep saying that on stuff.  Maybe the people wont catch on.

Though I think the Rovian idea is your best bet. You know, getting the Republicans who control their legislatures in the swing states to start doing stuff to cheat people out of their right to vote. Like they are trying to do here in Florida. You know, to better your chances, cheating seems like the way to go. Which is more fun, Mitt? Cheating people out of their right to vote or firing them? I got fired once when I was a kid. I felt so bad, and that was after the boss explained to me why I deserved to get fired. But getting fired so some Wall Streeter guy could hide money in foreign banks? Wooo.

But I don’t think this election will be won by getting people to vote for you. I think it will be won or lost by those people who don’t vote. Like Republicans who don’t like your policies, but they also remember the question of where the president was born so they probably just wont vote. This don’t include the bigots and racists and that ilk. Rove found out they are going to vote for damn sure.  Birther shit.   And Rove also knows, he doesn’t know one hater, or bigot, or racist who would vote for a Democrat. So keep making those inane (ha ha) jokes about where the president was born.

Remember how many low income people don’t vote? You know, low income people who are too busy trying to make enough to get by. And if you can keep getting the Republican swing states to pass laws cheating citizens out of their right to vote. . . .and just in the heavy Democratic area. Unbelievable.   If you get away with it that should keep the race close. Openly doing this is a new low in politics but openly lying and putting your money in off shore accounts and refusing to show you didn’t do anything illegal with the money in those accounts, ain’t any better. Just tell the suckers to take your word for it. You got away with that in Massachusetts. Maybe it will work again.
And as far as women are concerned, I don’t understand what the Republican thinking is. Stupid for sure. I mean putting other stuff inside them, I mean that stuff aint even soft,  and fighting against fair wages for women . . . . But I’m staying out of it. I got this girl who is doing stuff for me because she thinks it will convince me to be for women’s rights (wink). . . so I’m playing it safe.

By the way, one more question, why would a person put his money in another country’s bank anyway. I mean most people who don’t understand this stuff say the answer is easy. Cheat Uncle Sam and the IRS. I think so too. And I was going to ask you what you think, but, after all those utube with you saying one thing and then next day saying the opposite, you know . . . .flop flop, flippity flop. And you do know, some years ago the IRS put that little box at the bottom of your tax return. It asks you to put a check mark in that box if you have an off shore account. And then after catching a few cheaters, (did you get caught?) they offered amnesty on penalties if you owned up and paid the money you owed . . . you know, on the money in those accounts, which you have so many of. A senator says you have cheated and paid $0 in taxes. But Willard, you ain’t even in the top spot even if you are doing this stuff. When compared to oil companies, who year, after year, after year of breaking the record income of the previous year, and then they still get a 4 billion a year subsidy. Hey? Isn’t Ryan against all subsidies? How does he vote on this one? People are even saying Will, that you did fess up to the IRS, and you don’t want anyone to know it. I’m not going to ask you this questions because I think you said it was one of those off limit ones.

By the way, let me ask you this last one, if you are in a spot, with no cash money in your pocket, and you have an off shore account, how do you get to the ATM?

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